Quality & Value

Quality & Value

At Sogani Jewels, we focus on building a brand value that speaks for itself. We offer exquisite jewellery made in some of the finest quality diamonds with great craftsmanship. Crafted with expert guidance, pure metals, and the finest gemstones, our jewellery stands strong on exceptional international quality standards. Our exceptional quality of diamonds and gemstones, and superior quality metals along with one of the finest artisanship lures several women, couples and even men who love to surprise their girls.


High-Quality Diamonds

Sogani Jewels has an extensive collection of the world’s finest cut diamonds with the most exceptional cut, colour, clarity and carat. Our loose diamonds are pre-selected for their extraordinary quality and sparkle, accompanied by a standardised grading report from GIA or AGSL. We at Sogani Jewels are known for the unmatched grading standards of our diamonds.


Diamond Jewelry

Our exquisite collection of diamond jewellery is manufactured using diamonds that meet the standard quality standards. Each diamond at Sogani Jewels is either colourless or close-to-colourless (D-I grade colour) with the finest cuts and great clarity (FL-I1 grade clarity). Even the smallest pieces of diamonds that we use meet these standards.


Pearl Jewelry

Each pearl at Sogani Jewels meets our brand’s high-quality standards, even when there exists no industry-wide standardised grading for pearls. Buy from our extraordinary collection of pearls in a variety of styles such as Akoya, Freshwater, Tahitian and South Sea pearls. Choose from our selective, hand-picked collection of pearl jewellery that fits every style.


Platinum Jewelry

Get yourself platinum jewellery in the finest designs, varying from beautiful couple bands, to sparkling engagement rings and wedding rings. Our platinum jewellery with 95% pure platinum is a promise to secure everlasting bonds, as everlasting as the sparkling brilliance of a diamond.


Gold Jewelry

As the saying goes. ‘Old is Gold’. We believe there is no alternative to the grace of the traditional pure gold jewellery and thus, offer you an exclusive collection of designer jewellery in pure gold. Along with pure gold jewellery, we offer beautifully crafted jewellery in several colours and alloys, such as jewellery designed in 18k and 14k white, yellow, rose gold, and gold vermeil.


Silver Jewelry

Sogani Jewels brings you the best silver jewellery for modern women, each piece crafted in 92.5% alloy sterling silver. Our sterling silver jewellery in intricate designs to match the taste of today’s women is known for its durability and unmatched brilliance for ages. Watch out for our lasting designs in silver with high-quality diamonds and gemstones.