Jewelry/Diamond Upgrade Program


Sogani Jewels follows the MANTRA to provide customers with the best experience and maintain a cohesive bond with all our clients. Taking this harmonious relationship with our customers ahead, we provide them with a bring-on to a bonanza offer of upgrade your diamond for a lifetime program. Herein, with this, customers can grab the enticing deal of upgrading their Diamonds with GIA Certification from AGSL using the upgrade program. You can gain a detailed outlook about the Diamond Upgrade program by connecting to us via phone with our diamond and jewelry consultants at +44-7808232324 or by dropping us a mail at choose from the new range of diamond collections.


Important Points to note for Jewellery/Diamond Upgrade Program

  • All Diamonds purchased from Sogani Jewels, consisting of AGSL and GIA certification, shall be eligible for the upgrade program.
  • Sogani Jewels will grant customers 100% credit of the original price on the purchase of new diamond jewelry.
  • The price of the new diamond must be equivalent to the original price
  • Diamonds in original condition and include the original diamond certification alone will be eligible under the scheme.
  • No diamond jewels that are defective or impaired will be accepted under the Jewellery/ Diamond Upgrade Program.

Important and Mandatory Settings

  • Sogani Jewels holds the right to evaluate and assess the original diamonds to confirm the final value of the credit.
  • Customers will be informed about the current and running value of the diamond after the experts inspect the original diamond.
  • New settings will be applied on the new diamond under conditions wherein the old settings have turned redundant.
  • Sogani Jewels will apply the new settings only after accepting the credit as applicable for the original piece.
  • We do not accept loose diamonds under the diamond upgrade scheme; however, we will accept them if they were purchased from Sogani Jewels and are in their original condition.
  • Diamonds that Sogani Jewels did not originally set will be returned without any settings.

Grading Reports for Diamonds

Customers must return the original diamond report if they are in reusable condition. They may be levied with additional charges or fees in the case the reports are impaired.

The Jewellery/Diamond Upgrade Program by Sogani Jewels is solely applicable to the purchases shipped to the UK. Upgrades made in other countries outside of London will be handled on case wise basis. Sogani Jewels does not consider colored diamonds under the upgrade program scheme. We shall accept the original currency for the Upgrade Program.