Free Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty by Manufacturer

At Sogani Jewels, you will get a lifetime manufacturer warranty on the products you purchase. After the purchase, in case you observe any manufacturing defect, you can immediately call us and return the product for a complete inspection. In case, our team finds out the manufacturing defect, we will either repair or replace the product for you. We will also consider those cases where the same product might not be available in stock, in such cases we will refund the amount equal to the selling price of the product, depending upon the scenario.

There are few gemstones that have slight variations. These visible variations are part of their natural characteristics and should not be considered as manufacturing defects. Usually, you may find these craftsmanship changes in colored gemstones.



  • You can avail No-Cost Services and Manufacturing Lifetime Warranty only on the covered products of Sogani Jewels.
  • Jewelry-like rings are subject to tough exposures like water, theft, and stone loss. We do not cover such damages under our lifetime warranty. Damages that could not be repaired will also be exempted from this program.
Below mentioned are few scenarios where Manufacturing Defects and Warranty will not be covered:
  • Change in the color of Diamond or Jewelry due to excessive exposure to chemicals, hot steam, or make-up products.
  • While wearing precious metal, it may require some restoration work to wear during a normal routine.
  • When you wear Prong(s) in a normal routine, it may cause bend, which further, results in the loss of a stone or any other damage. Such cases will not be covered in the warranty.
  • At times, due to normal wear, it causes chipping and breaking of the product, causing loss of stone. These cases will also not get covered in this lifetime warranty program.