Winter Wedding Jewellery Guide

Winter Wedding Jewellery Guide

Winter Weddings - When love is in the breezy cool air

Winter is coming! So all you winter brides, get ready to make merry on your special day with romantic chills and dreamy winter winds coming your way.

Winter weddings are a special treat. You get to enjoy all the festivities with no sweat and the cool weather on your side. So we suggest you plan your winter wedding wardrobe with tips from our guide.

Your winter wedding day is the perfect time to layer up on your ensemble. Because the weather is light and cool, you don't have to think twice about accessorizing to your heart's content. So try something bold and new in your jewellery choices, but make sure you will be comfortable wearing them confidently.

Our top suggestion is pairing your wardrobe with long layered necklaces. Does your winter wedding have a theme? Vintage, traditional, modern or any other style, make sure your jewellery complements your attire. Pair your glitzy attire with a diamond-studded necklace and danglers to match the shine.

Your winter wedding jewellery doesn't have to lack a little hue. Ramp up the winter sparkle with Blue sapphires which are the perfect colour to set the scene of a dreamy winter wedding. When coupled with diamonds, these jewellery pieces exude a charm that is a class apart. Bright and deep-hued emerald pieces can be your next choice to add sparkle to the wintery vibe.

If you are still wondering what to wear, let our collections help you decide.
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