What Earrings Suit Your Face Shape?

What Earrings Suit Your Face Shape?

You probably already know which hair cuts suit what face shapes, but have you ever considered what jewelry you could wear to complement your look? Choosing earrings that match and complement your face shape will enhance and flatter your facial features. The right earrings can highlight the unique features of your face.

Everyone has their own unique face structure. Each face shape has its own unique features and characters and jewelry should be used to accentuate the great attributes of your face. For those with round and square faces, ovals, diamonds, and heart shapes, here are our recommendations for the best earrings.

Round Face - Drop Earrings

The round face type is characterized by a circular face. Faces with round features are characterized by wide cheekbones and chins that are similarly wide. The earrings you wear should elongate rather than widen your face. Your face will appear thinner, longer, and rounder with drop earrings.

A pair of tassel earrings will add an air of symmetry and balance to your round facial structure. This gives a look more depth and gives the impression that the face is longer. You can achieve this illusion by choosing long, dangling earrings, rather than rounded earrings.

Square shaped face- Hoop Earrings

Beautifully strong jawlines come with square-shaped faces. It is best to opt for rounded, curved, and flowing styles and shapes, rather than ones that are too angular, when choosing jewelry to flatten and soften your face. You can wear hoops to soften your square face's angular features. It is possible to customize your look with a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles of hoops. Try to avoid square-shaped hoops as they will make your face look too angular. Browse Sogani Jewels' lovely earring collection.

Heart Shaped Face - Chandelier earrings

A heart-shaped face is defined as having a wider forehead than cheeks, and a narrower lower half. If you have a sharp chin, you should pair chandelier earrings or teardrop earrings to counterbalance it. In addition, earrings whose bottoms are wider than their tops will help balance out your face by filling in the lower portion. For the perfect balance, choose earrings with a wide bottom to balance out the sharp chin. Earrings with a slim top, a taper down to the bottom, and a wide bottom are the best option.

Oval Shaped Face - Wide Chandeliers

If you have an oval face, you should wear the opposite jewelry of what is recommended for women with round faces. If you have an oval face, you should wear large studs, chandelier earrings, and earring shaped like a circle or curve. In addition, oval and teardrop styles compliment oval faces beautifully. To bring out the beauty of your oval shape, Sogani Jewels London recommends studs, hoops, small drops or huggies. Click here to view the Beautiful Earring Collection.

Diamond Face - Stud Earrings

The diamond face resembles the shape of a rectangular box composed of a narrow forehead and chin, with the eyes making up the largest portion of the face. The diamond shaped face has many angles and widths that have to be balanced out, so keeping the earrings simple is the best way to balance out these angles. You can make your strong features the epitome of elegance by wearing a classic pair of stud earrings. Small, cute studs are the perfect accent to any outfit. You can add a finishing touch to a square face by opting for studs that are close to the ear.

Final Verdict

If you use this guide you will elevate your look and draw attention to your face. It's so easy to express yourself through earrings. Stay true to what fits your beautiful unique personality, regardless of what's trending at the moment. You can count on Sogani Jewels to update your earring collection. Browse our diamond, platinum, gold and silver collections, or discuss your own design ideas with us using our bespoke jewelry service. Everyday Fine Jewelry at prices that are 40% lower than U.K. market prices.

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