What Diamond Cut is Best for My Engagement Ring?

What Diamond Cut is Best for My Engagement Ring?

When looking for the engagement ring of your dreams, the cut of the main stone is of paramount importance. It's important to choose one that appeals to you, since they all sparkle in their own ways. A diamond's cut affects both the look of the ring as well as the radiance of its sparkle.

Would you prefer a modern look, or would you prefer vintage shops for vintage finds? Is it more important to you for your fingers to appear longer, or would you prefer a rock that looks huge? Sogani Jewels London can help you choose the diamond cut that is best for an engagement ring. Our collection includes diamond rings of all shapes and sizes and we can cater to your budget.

While the perfect diamond cut is ultimately a matter of taste, there are some pros that come with certain diamond shapes that may sway your decision.

Various Diamond Cut Shapes

There are different characteristics associated with different diamond shapes.

  • Round cut

The common diamond shape used for engagement rings today is the round cut, because of its brilliance, light performance, and sparkle. All diamond shapes are based on this cut, which is the most popular. Round diamonds are slightly more expensive than other diamond shapes since a large part of the rough diamond is lost during cutting. Nearly 75% of engagement rings purchased feature round diamonds.

Round rings are available in a variety of sizes, so they suit different hand shapes and sizes, as they always look proportionate without overwhelming the finger. The best place to decide this question is by accepting the consensus of experts and of the market. Round cut engagement rings worn by celebrities include Miranda Kerr, Chiara Ferragni, Taraji P. Henson, Emmy Rossum, and Emily Blunt.

  • Oval-Cut Diamond

In recent years, oval engagement rings have gained in popularity, particularly as striking solitaires. Most popular when it comes to elongated shapes, ovals are cherished for their brilliance. Due to their longer shape, ovals also have good spread, making them appear larger than their actual carat weight. Color disperses in an oval cut, so you will not see any warmth if the color grade is lower.

Oval cuts are a great choice for those seeking the sparkle and classic elegance of round diamonds, but prefer something a bit different. Blake Lively, JoJo Fletcher, Hailey Bieber, Devon Windsor, and Rose Leslie are celebrities who wear oval engagement rings

  • Pear shaped

The pear shaped diamond, which is a combination of oval and marquise cuts that resembles a teardrop, offers maximum sparkle and fire. A diamond with a pear shape dates back to the 1450s.

Also called a teardrop diamond, the pear cut is considered to be a glamorous vintage cut thanks to its single point top and rounded bottom. Despite the fact that it fits most hand types, it is especially suitable for someone with shorter hands, as it seems to lengthen their fingers. Margot Robbie, Sophie Turner, and Kaley Cuoco have pear-shaped engagement rings

  • Cushion-Cut

Cushion cuts have square corners with rounded edges. Cushions have been in fashion for hundreds of years. Every cushion is unique. Cushion shapes can range from squares to rounded squares. A cushion's brilliant shine and sparkle helps hide inclusions.

The bride who likes a lavish vintage look and has wide fingers will find this cut flattering. Kate Middleton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gabrielle Union, Kim Kardashian, Carlie Kloss are some of the celebrities with cushion cut engagement rings

  • Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds are characterized by their rectangular shape, open table, and cropped corners, making them Art Deco favorites. There is a subtle radiance to it: some call it a "hall of mirrors" effect; however, its long silhouette and angular lines reflect the diamond's clarity in strikingly beautiful ways.

These rings are perfect for those engagement ring selfies when set vertically, as their shape makes fingers appear longer and slimmer. Beyonce, Amal Clooney, and Jennifer Lopez wear emerald cut engagement rings

Final Verdict

Every cut is unique and beautiful in its own way, so which one you choose ultimately depends on your personal taste. When in doubt, however, we recommend selecting a solitaire ring with a minimum cut quality of good or very good, with a classic round brilliant cut diamond. We at Sogani Jewels London have all shapes and sizes of diamond jewelry in the U.K. available for you. The Diamond Ring Uk we offer can be made to fit your preferences according to the cut shape of the diamond.

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