Top Tips to Protect Your Jewellery from Damage

Top Tips to Protect Your Jewellery from Damage

Did your grandma present you her precious vintage jewelry collection? But are you wondering how to combine them with your contemporary collection? Well, taking care of jewelry is one of the necessary aspects. Most jewelry, such as earrings, collars, or bracelets, tends to get rusted and tarnished over time by reacting with the oxygen in the air.

It is a normal change that comes in contact with moisture and oxygen, leading to corrosion and rusting of older jewelry pieces. Herein, knowing the knacks and hacks to clean jewelry will be of great assistance. It will help in washing away the rust and keeping the shine and spark alive for years together.

While you can store jewelry anywhere, yet some places can turn out to be harmful. Many factors determine the condition of the jewelry. These include materials used, jewelry type, and value, based on how they are stored.

Thus, you need to be very picky about where you store jewelry. You can either store them in your jewelry box or keep them on display near your sight. Besides, there are numerous queries about securing your jewelry safely. These include whether you can wear it in the shower or keep it inside jewelry boxes. Irrespective of your choice for securing jewels, there are few suggestions you must consider:

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Dry your Jewellery

Jewelry gets affected when they interact or come in contact with external elements. These include moisture or certain types of liquids that can completely tarnish the appearance of your jewels.

One of the ideal ways to keep it shining is to keep it dry. Rubbing lotions, sweat, rubbing your hands, and perfume sprays tend to change the appearance of the jewelry. Over time, the metals and plating tend to break out and react with the oil in your skin. However, it tends to differ for each person. Well, accidentally, your jewels may be left wet. Thus, do not forget to wash and dry them to keep them clean.

Organize in proper categories

Begin with sorting your inventories. Organize your jewelry into the category of fine jewelry, silver jewelry, costume jewelry, and much more. It is recommended to keep costume jewelry separate from fine and silver jewelry while keeping silver jewelry away from fine ones. On interaction, they can lead to the tarnishing of metals.

Use a protective spray

You can overcome the tarnishing of metals by studying the metals closely and giving them a defensive shield. These are jewelry protectant sprays that render a protective layer over your jewels and prevent any reaction to the metals. Besides, the sprays are completely allergy-free, which will save you from any rashes, itching, or hives on wearing the jewelry.

These sprays include sealant sprays that can be easily found in craft and hardware shops. These are widely made of silicone base; however, there are different types of variants available. The sprays create a buffer layer between the oxygen in the air, water, and the jewelry. With this, the coat will remain dry continuously. Moreover, it will increase the overall time taken for rusting or tarnishing the jewelry.

Apply Nail Polish

Well, nail polish doesn’t just merely help in beatifying your nails but can be quite useful for your costume jewelry too. You can use them to decorate your pieces of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and broaches. However, you need to keep reapplying the substances as they may be flake off sometimes.

Are you wondering how do nail polish helps in keeping the jewelry shining? Well, the polish forms a barrier between the jewelry, skin, and environment, thereby preventing oxidation of the costume jewelry or give your skin a greenish tint.

Use Closed Containers as Storage

Proper storage can surely increase the shelf life of your jewelry. It will help to reduce the interaction of jewelry with oxygen and moisture. Often jewelry is worn generally during the daytime and mostly for limited days every year. Hence storing them in containers and closed boxes are the crux.

Thus, it highlights the time spent in securing the storage than those spent on the pieces. It is recommended to keep it protected from rain by storing them securely inside a closed container, thereby adding extra life to the shining jewelry pieces.

Clean them Periodically

There are different cleaning methods used for washing jewelry. These include the application of pastes, foams, and other remedies. Here is a way to clean your jewelry:

Take a bowl that is filled with the cleansing mixture. Use a dipping cloth for the solution and scrub it well until it produces foams. Continue scrubbing using a small brush. Moreover, the pastes require good hardening before rinsing them.

Besides, if you know that a cleaning agent will work well with your jewelry pieces, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or badges, then begin with using it in a small area of the jewelry to know how it reacts with it. If it doesn’t cause any reaction, you can go ahead to finish the procedure.

Use the tips that fit perfectly with securing your jewelry and use them in the future to keep them out of rusting and tarnishing.


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