Tips To Shop for Diamond Jewellery within your Budget

Tips To Shop for Diamond Jewellery within your Budget

Well, does the mention of diamond make your heart skip a beat? It is not just an alluring beauty but also the skyrocketing prices that make your heart jump. Buying a single piece of diamond, whether it is a necklace or an earring or a gorgeous ring, rages with hefty prices. However, we are going to change your thoughts about diamonds in a while. In the next sections, we will be presenting you with quick tidbits on diamond jewellery and render you reasons why you should purchase an affordable piece of diamond jewellery.

What is the Occasion?

First, the occasion plays an imperative role in defining the affordability of diamonds. While it may not be on your list, yet it is extremely important. Because it is the occasion that will define and determine the actual cut, shape and carat of diamond, you must pick for yourself. And these are the aspects that decide and determine the price of the jewellery and how much your pockets will burn.

If you are not looking for many classic pieces of diamond jewellery, then we recommend you opt for either a pear-shaped or oval-shaped diamond. These look impressive and lend a classic modern appearance. On the other hand, if you purchase jewellery surrounding a specific design, we recommend opting for classic round cut diamonds.

These are not only affordable but also pleasing to look at. Thus, there is no need to burn your pockets and look like a million star on any occasion. Whereas, if you are looking for a gemstone to fix on your engagement ring, we recommend solitaire, known for its charm. Moreover, you can decide on the cut, clarity, and carats based on your preference.

What is your Budget?

If you are well sorted about the occasion, the next aspect of deciding is the budget. Ensure to pick pieces of diamond that fit your budget and save you from heartbreak if the piece is not truly charming or out of your reach.

Fixate Your Budget

The best way to shop for a piece of diamond jewellery is to decide on your budget and what you are contemplating buying. Well, this surely will make your entire shopping saga easy and viable.

The Four Cs

The 4Cs dominate the worth of diamonds that covers Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut. It also determines the price, along with revealing the authenticity and purity of the diamond. Thus, it will assist you in gaining more clarity and insight into the materials.

Colour:The purest form of a diamond is white that is often preferred when purchasing the diamond. Besides, the whiter the diamond, it will shine more. Moreover, it also implies the price of the diamond. Thus, when choosing a diamond, you can choose the one that is white and also fit your budget best.

Cut:The second aspect determining the purity of a diamond is width, depth, and facets, which ensures how much light it reflects. Thereby it can impart a signature sparkle. Moreover, the round cut presents depth and offers reflection, which is a great choice. Herein, it will not be heavy on your pocket. Some of the best affordable cuts are Emerald Cut, Asscher Cut and Radiant Cut.

The best diamond will reflect shine and light from the diamond. Besides, the certification will be easier to check the purity of the diamond. It will look like a prism of colour when light passes through the diamond. This ensures the quality is the highest for the diamond.

Clarity:Diamonds tend to be imperfect and includes blemishes that is visible through the microscope. Herein the imperfections impact the grading of diamonds across 11 grades. These include VS1, SI1, VS2 and SI2, which are widely available. Besides, they also indicate the purest clarity of affordable diamonds.

Carat:It refers to the overall weight and impacts the pricing of diamonds. You can go on to consulting jewellery about the carat which will best suit the budget.

Purchase from a Certified Jeweller

Certification of the diamond will lead to a hike in the price. But we do recommend purchasing the jewellery from a certified jeweller. It will ensure you get resale value and get the best quality diamond with BIS hallmark. Thus, it will mean the licensed laboratory on its purity also verifies the price.

Thus, we now contemplate you know how to purchase diamond jewellery that is within your budget. With this, purchase diamonds from the best shop that render the best results for diamond and gold jewellery.


How to know if the diamond is real and should it be certified?

The ideal way of checking the authenticity of the diamond is knowing if it is certified or hallmarked.

Which shape of diamond should I opt for?

Round-shaped diamonds make the best and popular cut, striking a perfect balance of affordable pricing and sheen. On the other hand, princess cut diamonds make an ideal pick to impress the onlookers with your charm.

Which is best – Online Shopping or In-Store Shopping?

Many things are looked into when deciding on purchasing diamond jewellery. These include the certification, reviews and hallmarks, that play an integral role. It assists in understanding how authentic is the jewellery. If your choice of jewellery fits the checker box and also offers you refunds, returns and exchange guarantees, then you can opt for online shopping too for your diamond jewellery. You will not only save on spending extra but also on overhead charges levied by physical stores.

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