Things You Can Investment In

Things You Can Investment In

Many forward-thinking investors choose to diversify their portfolios to minimize risk. A diverse portfolio can help investors minimize losses, particularly in economic uncertainty, from commodities and stocks to jewelry and real estate. With the impact of the global Coronavirus pandemic leaving its mark on the world’s economies, people around the world are increasingly looking for investments that could safeguard their money.

In this blog post, we share eight different things that you can buy as an investment in 2021…

Fine Art Pieces

Art has always been a popular mode of investment. Whether purchasing the Da Vinci pieces of art or the contemporary ones by Jeff Koons, it has always garnered the headlines. Besides, many investors opt for adding art to their list of assets that often tend to increase and fall, just like the stock market. Hence, it is also seen as a lucrative mode of investment that will help in diversifying the risk. However, there is no guarantee that all the art will increase in value or make a fine return. Besides, it would help if you put in a lot of research about the art pieces and how and which ones can bring you profits.

A Bottle of Wine

Do you want to own a wine cellar? Then, wine is yet another medium that is coming up as a model for investment. Besides, the most expensive bottle of wine, Romanee-Conti 1945, cost a whopping price of $558,000 during October 2018. Moreover, you can start to invest in wine at 1,000 Euros through different companies.

Many success stories surrounding investors will help you get fine returns on putting your money into it. Yet when it comes to fine art, the investment takes a lot of research and effort, and wine here makes an excellent way for diversifying your portfolio.

Real Estate Industry

A secure investment platform, real estate has been popular for ages. This is because the prices of properties and the value of investment happen to be in control when it comes to other modes. However, with real estate, the value tends to increase directly. Besides, purchasing property also lets you generate a passive income that can cover the mortgage by renting it.

On the other hand, the property is an illiquid asset that will take time to liquidate your investment when you sell them. Moreover, suppose you ever plan to add on to your buy to let properties. In that case, it is also imperative to consider the costs that include accurate property management fees and the period when the property is vacant.

Gold Bar or Jewellery

Gold is often viewed as a piece of value. One of the reasons is that the price and value of gold increase even when there is economic uncertainty. Besides, it is also a lucrative way of diversifying your investment portfolio other than real estate and stock.

You can go on to invest in bracelets, gold bars, or solid gold chains that are considered the best form of gold to invest in. However, if you do not like to own physical gold, investors often choose to opt for exchange-traded funds (ETF) to track the prices of gold. Besides, who does not like to invest in gold, you can also invest in silver that is affordable than gold.

Stock Market

A popular and advantageous form of investment, the stock market has been popular for ages. You can pick your fortunes and allow your investments to increase by researching a bit and investing in the stock market for companies that will provide you best returns.


The world is moving at a fast pace. Who would have considered cryptocurrency as an option back in 2017? At present, it has surpassed a price of $60,000 in 2021, wherein you have over 1,600 varied types of cryptocurrencies available to invest in. These include Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Although it is still in its infancy stage, it proves to be an excellent field for investment in the digital currency section. If you are looking for a lucrative investment, purchase a cryptocurrency wallet that provides secure storage for investment.

Fine Jewellery

Fine Jewellery is sold for million pounds during the auction. These, including even the less vintage ones that comprise family heirlooms, are worth thousands of pounds. If you are thinking of investing in jewelry, then ensure it is authentic. Then, walk into Sogani Jewels, where we provide professional assistance and ensure your valuable accessory, thereby presenting you the finest jewelry with peace of mind.

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