Style guide for Choosing the Best Zodiac Sign Jewellery

Style guide for Choosing the Best Zodiac Sign Jewellery

Zodiac signs have always allured people. Whether you are a believer of stars or like to flaunt it for trend, zodiac jewellery surely tops the season's newest fashion. Rather calling it the new black is not wrong, considering the charm it alludes to on wearers. Coming to zodiac signs, the science of stars is not a recent addition. It had continued to charm people since ancient days when people from yesteryear cultures believed in powers that provided a protective layer over us. Since then, zodiac jewellery has been used as a link between the sky and our soul.

What is Zodiac exactly?

It is not limited to being a mere symbol that defines your personality, character or trait. Moreover, it is celebrated with pomp and show by people across the globe. When it comes to zodiac signs, each sign is associated with a particular stone known to carry healing and cleansing power. Thus, adorning jewellery indigenous to your zodiac sign can help harness energies from nature, thereby raising your strengths, fighting your weakness, and transforming you to your best version.

This article brings you a detailed guide explaining which stone is best for you and the myriad of benefits it poses. Besides, we also sneak peek you through how to style your personality for channelling the power.

Aries: The Flamboyant and Fiery Ram

Aries are known for their ambition. It is their dream that is the chariot and drives them to fulfil it. Besides, nothing can ever match your zest and zeal for living an unmatched life. Thus, all Arians, we bring you Double Stone Necklace attached with Carnelian to create a happy space for you filled with harmony and peace.

Etched with metals and plated intrinsically with 22-carat gold, it enhances the appearance and stimulates creativity by adding a flair of red to your daily attire. With the spark of red, keep up the glitz and bring out and feel the best.

Taurus: The Sturdy and Strong Bull

Taurians are the bulls of the Zodiac who know what they want. Besides, just like the bull, they will not be shy to progress towards what they want and get it too. While your mind masters you, you often wish to kneel to your heart's wishes. Thus, we bring you, Soul of the Bull Taurus Necklace to make you feel strong, stylish all in a go. It is a 22-carat gold plated necklace of lariat which will drive you towards unleashing your potential.

Gemini: The Extreme Entertaining Twin

The greatest combination of extremes, Geminis are fun, entertaining, live life to the fullest and spontaneous. A symbol of duality, you bring out the best of both worlds. And with Citrine being your stone for Zodiac, we bring you the love with Citrine Healing Ring. A 22-carat gold plated ring adds to the charm and draws wealth and self-expression to the fullest.

Cancer: The Soft Shelled and Hearted Crab

Just like the crust of a crab, tough on the outside, soft inside, Cancerians are zodiac kids filled with love and affection that seems no bounds. Our present for you is the Cancer Double Stone Necklace that beatifically combines the subtle energy of Pink Quartz which is also your Zodiac Stone and the Moonstone. With this, you can create an environment that oozes love and inspire you to live life to the fullest.

Leo: The Majestic and Magnificent Lion

A leader in all sense, the king of Zodiac, Leos are here to rule and shine. You are always at the forefront taking decisions and standing up to them. Besides, you love to rule the limelight and be the centre of attention. Hence, we present you the Soul of the Lion Leo Necklace. You can wear it in three different manners, wherein the necklace unleashes you a mystical aura of talismanic connection with the universe. Gold dipped and covered with the medallions; you can adorn it anytime and watch as your charm sways on your audience.

Virgo: The Daring Maiden

Virgos strive to be appreciated and perfect. You are the life of the party, and hence we bring you the Drop of Amethyst Earrings that encapsulates energy in the form of jewellery to channel your femininity. Your zodiac stone oozes with strength, intuition, and spirituality and exudes style to the greatest sense.

Libra: The Balance and Passionate Scale

Librarians are balanced who define calmness. You have the aura of spreading positivity and vibrance with your energy wherever you step. We bring you Libra Double Stone Necklace that is designed for you to flaunt your vibe every day. The zodiac stone for you is Malachite, a double-layered necklace that helps ignite love and energy towards your heart and outside.

Scorpio: The Mysterious Breed

Scorpions exhibit power and the wish to lead a life larger than a dream. You exude charm and confidence and also have a sensitive side. The Soul Of The Scorpion Scorpio Necklace perfectly helps in defining your bold and beautiful look. A piece of 22-carat gold-dipped jewellery, it allures with a magnetic charisma that will turn you into a charm instantly.

Sagittarius: The Alluring and Joyous Centaur

Looking for something larger than life, Sagittarians are the hunters of life. You are filled with positivity which cleanses and refreshes everything around you. We thus bring you the All About You Turquoise Earrings that are modernistic, novel and style, thereby perfectly suiting your daily needs. With Turquoise, head on to clear the creative blocks and journey towards holistic healing.

Capricorn: The Ambitious Goat

Capricorns are known for having a stable and systematic mindset that cannot be wavered by anything. Well, that is the secret to your success. Our Capricorn Double Stone Necklace is designed with your Zodiac Stone of Blue Chalcedony that imparts your mental flexibility. Combined with 22-carat gold plated beads and pearl, this will make you spread your charm across the horizon.

Aquarius: The Mysterious and Free-flowing Spirit

The water bearers are practical, progressive and extremely mystical. The zodiac stone for you is Lapis Lazuli which is also called the cleanser of toxicity and impurity. Adorn the Eye Got You Necklace and pair it with your corporate attire to keep the negativity at bay with the motif of evil eye attached.

Pisces: The Romantic Beings

Pisces are for creativity and imagination. Your thinking is not limited to boundaries, and you hold the power to look beyond what others cannot imagine. Pisceans love everything beautiful, and thus, we bring you the Soul of the Fish Pisces Necklace. It is a 22-carat gold-dipped lariat necklace that you can style in three different ways. It also holds a motif of your sign enamelled on a medallion.

Zodiac Sign Jewellery is often the best pick when choosing a perfect gift for your close one. They are personalised and something that people often relate close to themselves, adding value to your presence. Besides, they make the perfect choice to celebrate your uniqueness and add charm to your overall appearance. Thus, check out the zodiac inspired jewellery and charm the onlookers.


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