Platinum Jubilee of Queen

Platinum Jubilee of Queen

A dazzling display of priceless jewels worn by the Queen will go on show at Buckingham Palace this Summer to mark her Platinum Jubilee.


The Diamond Diadem,which was often worn by the Queen on her journey to and from the state opening of Parliament since the first year of her reign, will be part of an exhibition to celebrate her 70 years on the throne.


It features an 8.8-carat diamond pendant and was last seen when it was worn by the Queen at last year's state opening of Parliament.


The Flame-Lily broochis another of the sparkling gems which will be displayed to the public this Summer and was given as a gift from Canada in 1967.



The Queen's Canadian Maple Leaf brooch,one of the most recognizable in her collection, first belonged to her mother. Queen Elizabeth first donned the brooch in 1951, a year before she became queen.


The Sri Lanka brooch, which will also be on display was presented by the Mayor of Colombo and is set with pink, blue and yellow sapphires, garnets, rubies, and aquamarine



 We hope you've enjoyed our look back at some of the most stunning pieces in the Queen's platinum jubilee collection. We're absolutely obsessed with how much variety there was in the designs—and how much detail went into each one.


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