Cat's Eye – Meaning and Other Details

Cat's Eye – Meaning and Other Details

Does a cat-eye bring to your mind the image of a cat? Well, it is nothing close to the feline. But something that relates to jewels that you can adorn. As the word goes, Cats Eye is a term given to different variations of minerals that are combined and fused with tints of grey-green or golden-green hues. Its colour does remind us of the cat's eye or iris, which has different sparkling colours. Hence, this gem is given the name of Cats eye and exhibits the property, more widely known as chatoyancy.

The stones are crafted uniquely. It is polished with cabochon which has a streak of light on it and lies parallel to the axis. Its appearance gives it an uncanny resemblance to the black colored cat's eye.

Now you might be thinking, what exactly causes the effects? Well, the effect can be defined as an optical effect that happens due to multiple microscopic inclusions that are threaded together using fine-fibered minerals. The inclusions do play an important role. For example, they can either be in the form of actinolite asbestos or particles and when parallel to one another, they create a mirror-like effect which reflects backlight in a particular direction.

Do you want to know what something unique about this is? The cat's eye shows some peculiar characteristics. Whenever light from any single source, for example, the sun, falls on the stone directly when surrounded by other light sources, the bands of lights tend to appear in an ill-defined pattern or else may tend to disappear completely.

This is more commonly found in stones like ruby, tourmaline, beryl, and chrysoberyl stones. Moreover, they have a very high value as the stone gives a very rare cat's eye effect. On the other hand, cat's eye stone might comprise cheaper minerals like quartz. Quartz stones produce six or twelve-rayed star patterns.

How can you get the effect on the gemstone?

To view the effect as mentioned above, the gemstone should be cut in a particular manner. Herein, you must be able to view the official effect. But, more importantly, the pattern of light reflections inside the tiny, fibrous crystals and hollow tubes resemble bright coloured bands. The highly-priced and most sought cat's eye and the stone with star-effect tend to have stars centred into it. Its arms have equal intensity and excellently project colouration in the background.

Which is the most opted cat's eye?

The honey-yellow cat's eye and greenish-yellow cat's eye are the most opted forms.

Where is the stone found?

There are large deposits of this stone found across the USA, Africa, Southern India and Mexico. They are broadly found in quartz materials with a tint of greyish-green colouration.

The rarer form of cat's eye includes diopside, obsidian, jade, apatite, opal cat's eye. Moreover, the Californian cat's eye is the most beautiful cat's eye with a fibrous serpentine pattern with distinct stripes on it.

More details about the cat's eye jewellery

Cat's eye gemstones are used popularly for making cuff links, cabochons and beads. Fewer of them are used for carving intaglio and cameos. However, you have to be careful when choosing a cat's eye with a similar effect. It would be best to look out for the cat's eye that is a good simulation of minerals obtained using fibrous borosilicate glasses.

These stones do not exceed 100 carats. However, the finest of these gems are often in the same range as fine sapphires. On the other hand, chrysoberyl's cat's eye are magnificent stones that make the most sought cat's eye variants. It has a rich honey hue, is rare and are well priced. Often, quartz cat's eye stones are cheaper when compared to other variants. However, it is imperative to differentiate between them to know which is made of actual quartz.

Here are few characteristics to look out for:

  • A quartz cat's eye is less transparent
  • The colour resembles either pale brown or a greenish tint
  • They are formed out of large fibres and asbestos
  • It doesn't resemble a chrysoberyl

How to distinguish between a cat's eye?

It can be quite a task to differentiate between a chrysoberyl cat's eye that is low-grade with that of high-quality quartz. The best way to know about it is by using a gravity test. Amateur stones cannot cope with tests done using a refractometer. You can read the refractive index, which is for chrysoberyl is between 1,74 to 1,75. On the other hand, for quartz, it is 1,54 to 1,55. These are for stones that are faceted with cabochon. For these types of stones, it is recommended to refer to a jeweller or professional to determine its actual cost.

Healing properties of Cat's Eye

Cat's eye holds high regard for spirituality. It is connected with a shield. Most people wear a cat's eye as jewellery that renders them a protective shield from enemies and other evil eyes. It is generally believed that cat's eye aids in surrounding our loved ones and ourselves with a protective guard and away from unfaithfulness.

Mystics hold the stone in high regard. This is because it helps draw people towards you and attract them with your warm and pleasant aura. Besides, it is also considered to facilitate relations between different people, thereby helping in building a bond of understanding.

The cat's eye is known to carry certain energy called Yang. It thereby helps heal many troubles related to anaemia, reduce joint pain and asthma, thereby helping reduce illness.

As per sources and therapists, using cat's eye beads help in promoting bronchitis, throat related illness like tracheitis, and laryngitis. Thus, many recommend adorning the cat's eye for healing from fractures, which promotes callus formation.

On the other hand, as per Hinduism, the cat's eye helps in guarding the owner's health and reducing poverty.

Cat's Eye and Birthstones

Cat's eye is the best stone often encouraged for people born with Sun signs like Virgo and Gemini. Furthermore, it is to be understood that cat's eye gems are gemstones or birthstones worn by people born in different months.

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