7 Alternates for a Traditional Engagement Ring

7 Alternates for a Traditional Engagement Ring

It has become a norm to pop the question to your loved one with a diamond ring either for wedding or engagement. However, the tradition continues to be followed with years, wherein women play a challenging role by coming up with wonderful techniques or proposing to men and not usually opting for a traditional engagement ring.

From inking your partner's name to showcasing romantic gestures and focusing on spending future together purchasing a high-end engagement ring, we have a wide range of alternatives to make the days exciting instead of purchasing a dazzling ring.

In this blog, we bring you 7 substitutes in place of a traditional engagement ring if your partner is not so fond of donning a diamond ring each day.

Propose with an elegant Gold Chain Necklace

If you are looking for a partner who works for a profession that involves a lot of handworks, then a traditional ring will not prove to be a great option. It can get damaged easily and cannot be worn daily, and sometimes it can be a hazard.

Instead, opt for a gold chain necklace that makes a perfect alternative. You can wear it daily and also would not get damaged. Moreover, you can present it traditionally when proposing wrapped in a jewellery box. That means you can get down the knee and present a piece of jewellery that will keep the tradition going.

Get it inked in a fashionable way

A tattoo today marks a greater value as commitment. The benefit of getting inked is you will not lose or get it damaged in place of a diamond.

Thus, you can opt for a small tattoo on your ring finger that highlights your fiance's or loved one's initials or a shape of an engagement ring that adds meaning to your relationship. But, then, why not pop up the question in your favourite tattoo shop instead.

Plan for a wonderful Trip

A trip together to a favourite vacation or adventure place can be extremely wonderful. However, if your partner is not so fond of donning a diamond ring, you can rather plan for a quick trip to some exotic location wherein you can indulge in adventure and lots of fun.

From going on a road trip somewhere in Venice or around the UK, or an extravagant trip abroad, staying in a hotel can symbolize your future and create memories which you cannot forget forever. Besides, you can plan out small surprises for the trip to make it even more special for your partner.

Present Gold as Gift

If your partner doesn't like to use a flashy diamond, why not present a gold ring which makes a great alternative. For example, choose a simple band style or a gold ring with alternative gemstones.

It is often seen in Thailand, where a man presents his bride with pieces of gold jewellery. These are 96 percent of pure gold and soft, which can be damaged easily. However, the best is opting for gold that is a 9-carat necklace or ring.

Plan for a Bright Future

Instead of getting down on the knee, why not plan to give a down payment or purchase a house instead? While purchasing a house is not a cheap task, the idea of gifting your partner, which they will cherish forever, is quite enriching. Thus, propose to your loved one in your future home and plan to build your future together instead.

With this, the next part of your life can be great together, which is exciting rather than an engagement ring. You can move together then plan to bring your life together. Propose inside a new home or surprise the partner by viewing houses.

Opt for donating to charity

Do you have a charity that is close to your fiance's heart? Besides, do you like to spend on fundraising? Herein, your money will be spent on a good cause instead of spending on traditional engagement rings. Therefore, you can donate in your partner's name or the marital name.

Thus, commit by lending to a charity that is close to you. Besides, it is not mandatory to always pay money if there are no resources. Yet another method is giving your time, volunteers and assistance to help at fundraising events.

Choose for a Family Heirloom

Family's legacy plays an imperative role in relationships and marriage. Besides providing beautiful heirlooms, you can also use them as an engagement ring, adding meaning to your being part of the family. Although it is passed through from generations, and get a feeling of commitment for your partner.

Besides, opting for a vintage engagement ring also symbolizes two families' joining and reminds you of your loved ones who mean a lot. Well, that makes a piece of history that is carried down through generations.

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