10 GEMS to Consider in Place of Diamonds!

10 GEMS to Consider in Place of Diamonds!

If you are planning to pop the question to your loved one and wondering if there is any other choice other than a diamond, then you can opt for different bespoke engagement rings. With women coming ahead to change the tradition of popping the question, there are different choices in the diamond ring.

In place of gold rings and emerald green stones to romantic ruby stones, there are many choices for engagement rings. Many are opting for engagement rings with unique gemstones, and in this blog, we will run you through alternate gemstones in place of traditional diamond rings. Look for gemstones that can sparkle your fingers and your glow too.


Amethyst is the purple form of quartz that is popular for its stunning color. It comes in purple, violet color to irradiation. Besides, when cut perfectly, they make the ultimate choice for engagement rings. Moreover, they are not as hard as diamond rings. Still, they are more durable and don’t cost a lot. Combine this purple quartz stone with either rose gold or silver to make the perfect romantic setting.

Amethysts are also known to be the best healers that can help in boosting your energy and removing all the negative energy. So if you want the best romantic setting and get stress-free, opt for the best alternative for diamond rings.


Sapphires are gorgeous and precious gemstones available in different hues such as yellow, peach, pink, green, and white. These are the third hardest mineral and thus make the perfect alternative for diamonds. Although it may not have the same sparkle, it can surely pop the best color.

On the spiritual side, sapphires symbolize wisdom, good fortune, and virtue. When these are placed in the engagement ring, they perfectly symbolize the meaning of love.


The wonderful green tones and the luxury stone make the perfect combination for engagement rings. Unfortunately, these have fallen out of style, and it requires the perfect modern setting to look timeless. The bright green color renders it a wow factor and adds a little more glamour for its style by adding a pop of color.

These are considered the perfect choice for engagement rings, and emeralds are stones that symbolize love and new beginnings. These are divine, symbolize love, compassion and connect to energies making it the ideal stone for engagement rings for a long-term commitment.


People who like to be old school and vintage can choose pearls as the stone for their engagement ring. These are elegant, unique and symbolize purity and integrity. Besides, pearls are stylish and eco-friendly, which makes a great alternative for a traditional diamond ring.

Choose pearls that you can plan occasionally and which will not get scratched or tarnished easily. Besides, if you opt for a smaller pearl set, you can surround a harder gemstone that will make a chic choice for a modern ring setting.


Another choice for an engagement ring is Topaz which is available in many stunning tones and colors. Although these are colorful stones, their imperfections in blue, green, orange, red, and pink hues make it ideal. Moreover, its imperfections make them the best stone for an engagement ring.

Topaz symbolizes strength and honor, which are believed to believe wisdom and longevity. Moreover, they are extremely durable and make the perfect stone for couples as their engagement ring.


A traditional choice for engagement rings, these are red-colored gemstones known to bring success, wealth, and romance. Like sapphires and emeralds, rubies are yet another precious stone that is a popular option for engagement rings.

Rubies also tend to survive during the toughest conditions that are the qualities reflected in its price. Moreover, they are rare, durable, and extremely beautiful, making it an expensive and classy ring for gifting a couple for engagement.


A rare and beautiful gemstone that got discovered during the sixties. It is rather rarer than diamonds making it a precious stone and thus extremely pricy. There are only 30 years of supply available globally, which makes it the best choice for an engagement ring.

Its wonderful indigo color makes tanzanite symbolize heart and intellect and also purity and intuition. In addition, these stones are known for dignity, truth, longevity, and judgment, making them the best engagement ring choice.


Opal is known for its good luck and loyalty, making it the best choice for an engagement ring. Although it is seen as old-fashioned, it is surely getting more popular with time. These are available in the shades of white, black, and crystal, reflecting the rainbow when given a glance.

The unique sparkle of the rainbow can make the ring never like before. Besides, opals are available in different shades and patterns along with beautiful settings. Moreover, it can make the perfect option if you are looking for rings close to you.


These are a group of silicate minerals widely found in metamorphic and igneous rocks across the globe. Besides, they are available in rich colors of deep red and are becoming a great alternative for diamond engagement rings.

These are also complex gems that symbolize self-empowerment and higher thinking which is secure and strong. When paired with pearls, this unique setting makes a romantic setting to present your loved one during the engagement.


Turquoise has beatifically turned into a popular stone over the years, known for its trendy and alternative gemstone for diamonds. They are available in various colors ranging from bright to pale hues of blue along with flecks of metal. Thus, you can pair them with smaller diamonds which adds a luxury touch to it.

It has a captivating sea green color that symbolizes good fortune, protection, wisdom, hope, and tranquility. These present positive characteristics that declare love. Turquoise is rare and extremely valuable, making them a prized and much-loved stone and alternate for diamonds.



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